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Custom Software Development

Our Approach

You tell us what kind of a solution you need, how you want it to run, and which business processes are involved, and then we deliver a system to suit your needs exactly. We always keep in mind the idea of future business expansion, so your solution will be built scalable and flexible to be modified later as your business grows or transforms.

We usually suggest splitting the whole project into several development stages, which include well-defined periods of time with fixed goals and deliverables.

Development Stages

  • Project Planning, Systems Analysis & Requirements Definition

    We work to understand your needs fully, and upon understanding your needs, we then develop and implement your project. With this, our first step is to analyze and document your high-level software requirements. We work closely with our clients using various analytical techniques to gather requirements for the intended solution. These are documented and agreed upon before proceeding.

  • System & Database Design, UX Design

    Once we have a clear idea of your software requirements, we produce a detailed functional specification of the system (development of system model, low-level specification, database model, UX design, etc.) This includes detailed designs of all components required and includes all the technological specifications that will be required to develop your project.

  • Development, Testing & Implementation

    The next step is to program and completely test your software application using industry standard development tools, automated testing, and an automated build process. Using the automated build processes, we can ensure product quality, ensure the quality of the software by running tests, detect coding issues, and enforce certain development rules prior to deployment. Where appropriate, clients are able to test prototypes during the applications development process in order to provide any feedback they'd like at key stages.

  • Acceptance, Installation & Deployment

    From the client perspective, the project really begins with deployment of their custom software, which may be the most important aspect of the whole process. We take pride in proper installation, configuration, and final performance. We also can streamline your deployment process through Continuous Delivery.

Development Procedures

We offer only the most cutting-edge technical knowledge and proven experience, taking a consultative approach to understanding your needs in order to support you in choosing the most suitable custom software development approach.

Models of project realization

Our development cycle is very flexible, allowing implementation of virtually any model of project realization: Joint Application Development (JAD), Waterfall, Spiral, SCRUM/Agile, Rapid Prototyping, Incremental, Synchronize, and Stabilize.

Dedicated team model

JBox Software is committed to a dedicated team model that provides you with full-time software professionals who are dedicated entirely to your project. Experience has proven that the dedicated team model works best for projects of this type.

Standardization of internal procedures

We also pay great attention to the standardization of internal procedures. Continuously, the company employs the best internal standards based proven industry practices. These include source code standard, configuration management standard, library and component management standard, project infrastructure standard, project lifecycle, and documentation standard.

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