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Our mission is to develop complex projects that consist of multiple components. With longstanding, proven experience in software development, we know how to bring the full power of information technology to your business.

We offer the best service for small and medium projects with a working cycle of 2 weeks and above (for a workgroup of 2-5 programmers). Our company has experience forging successful, long-term partnerships with our customers through development, improvement, support, and modernization of working software projects.

We give great attention to quality planning, designing, and documenting all development stages. We create and maintain a design documentation repository, source code repository, and knowledge repository for each of our projects. Also, we give real attention to quality assurance throughout the whole development process. Therefore we have extensive experience creating highly-reliable systems.

Our support center offers continuous and high-quality support for our customers.

Today the world changes rapidly, so the situations a client faces may change quickly during development. We know how to adapt effectively in such situations where lack of time and information arise, and we are always ready to assist our client. We compensate for any lack of time the client may have faced in their work by drawing upon the incredible competence and planning capabilities of our development team. We compensate for any lack of information the client may have encountered by employing our own search and research, as well as the extended functionality of software. If our client cannot supply necessary details on some project stage then we develop multiple variants of system functionality with uncanny ability to choose fine-tuned solution later via configuration options.

Our team is a mobile, competent, and flexible group of professionals that has worked successfully together for many years.

During project development, we factor in all the details needed for the customer. We're able to find partners or co-workers for specific tasks, expand sphere of technologies being utilized, and employ supplementary staff if needed.

Choose JBox if you need a team of software developers who can truly understand your business.

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